Slow buzz

I just heard a tock against my window and looked up to see a bumblebee…well, bumbling, that’s what they do. It tapped the glass and dirigibled off.

I’m learning that if I keep my eyes and ears open, and especially my heart, spring comes to me in ways that are unexpected both in form and in timing.

Do you hear that gentle buzzing sound?

5 thoughts on “Slow buzz”

  1. Bumblebees are funny/odd little things with their bumbling.

    I managed to sneak outside of the studio on an errand today and felt some sun on my head through my sunroof. I stopped for a few minutes and turned my face to it. And I thought, wow, it really is coming – maybe it’s even here already.

    And now I hear the soft buzzing.

  2. ping…ping…ping…

    That’s sap hitting the pail on the maple tree. (I’m helping my sister in Connecticut stuff the woodstoves in the sap house to keep the fires burning: we’ve bottled 31 quarts of syrup so far!)

  3. Good for all of you/us — it’s important to notice spring sun, spring pings, spring soft serve ice cream. Hang onto those moments. I certainly am — right now it is snowing outside my window (sigh), and I’m hoping the bees are staying warm.

  4. Bees are okay. But in my species-centered xenophobic way I am hoping for one more hard freeze to kill off the japanese beetles.

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