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"As We Mean To Go On" (with Nicola Griffith)

 "I had always wanted the book to contain one piece from a writing couple, written together, with the interplay of their voices evident. Three different couples turned me down for fear the book would be violating their privacy...[Kelley and Nicola's essay] is one of the better examinations of being a writer and being with another writer that I've read." -- Editor Kevin Smokler at The Elegant Variation) 
Women of Other Worlds

"The Erotics of Gender Ambiguity" (an online symposium)
"Identity and Desire" (an essay on gender, writing and Mars)

 "Part of the book’s interest comes from the way its various elements interact — e.g., the inclusion of Kelley Eskridge’s fascinating story "And Salome Danced" alongside the transcript of a listserv discussion debating and exploring it."
Science Fiction Studies
Queer Universes

"War Machine, Time Machine" (with Nicola Griffith)

 " which [Griffith and Eskridge] look backwards to recall their various discoveries of both science fiction and queer identities and forwards to their own trajectories as readers and writers of (sometimes transgressive) science fictions..." -- Introduction, Queer Universes 

@U2 Articles

 I'm a staff writer for the U2 fan website @U2, the best and most popular fan site on the planet. I'm proud of the work I do for @U2, and I love working with the wonderful team of people there. I write all across the map for the site: here you'll find interviews, articles and personal reflection. 

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Stories That Needed To Be Told

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Like A Song: Surrender

Bono: In Conversation with Michka Assayas

Digging Deeper: @U2 talks with Michka Assayas

Promise Me You Will Tell Them: Bono Speaks to the
Oregon World Affairs Council

Stolen Songs: Not To Download

Changing Lives With Liquid Gold

Every Dog Has Its Day: Jacknife Lee Snuggles Up to U2