Dangerous wordle

It’s “the writers discover Wordle” day in our house. While Nicola was teasing the world with her new book, I was busy uploading the entire 25,000 words of “Dangerous Space” to see what I’d get…

"Dangerous Space"

(click on it, it gets big)

Wordle is fascinating in the way that one can manipulate the presentation of the word cloud — which can greatly change the impact, the meaning, the “story” behind it. I went through about 4 or 5 iterations of font, color scheme, layout that didn’t inspire any response in me. And then found this one and thought This is it. The way that the smaller words fit inside the letters of Duncan’s name, the way that random positioning of two words close together takes on a meaning of its own… so interesting to see the story in this way.

Wordle will do this for any text or url. Go on over, have fun.

3 thoughts on “Dangerous wordle”

  1. @ Karina: Love the wordle! Really like tracing the phrase “history’s dangerous backyard lies”… very cool.

    @ Realm: You know the singer always has to be the biggest thing in the room 🙂

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