Thank you, everyone!

19 June 2012

Writer registration for the Clarion West Write-a-thon closed on June 16, and… well, just wow.

Last year, 142 writers participated. This year, we set ourselves a stretch goal of 200 writers, and asked everyone we know to spread the word. And you did! I am thrilled to report that we have 236 writers from all over the world in this year’s Write-a-thon.

Thank you all so much for all you did to get the word out. Here’s the thing: the Write-a-thon is our biggest fundraising event of the year. The money we raise helps us run the organization, including things like renting the workshop venue and offering financial assistance to students. We push so hard to have as many writers as possible because A) we think it’s a great opportunity for writers to reach goals in a supportive community, and B) more writers pretty much automatically means more sponsors. Just by spreading the word, you helped us raise money.

I am enormously grateful to all the writers who signed up. You are all Ultra Cool and you will write something amazing in the next six weeks. I just know it.

I am also grateful beyond words to the staff and volunteers of Clarion West who do a massive amount of work to make the Write-a-thon happen. Our Webmaster God, our Write-a-thon team of Deities whose patience and cheerfulness is, well, godlike, our Communications Goddess, our Database Goddess, our Social Media Goddess, every single one of you is Awesome with Sauce on Top. And anyone I haven’t mentioned can smack me through the internet for having a tired brain, but know that I worship you all.

And finally, I want to thank everyone who has so far sponsored a writer. Sponsors rock. Sponsors make the Write-a-thon world go around. Because of sponsors, Clarion West can do more for writers. Because of sponsors, writers dig in and do what they love, even on the days when it’s hard.

I wrote today, and I will be doing more outlining/structural work this afternoon. I am doing this because I love it, yes: but I’m doing it with grit because I have sponsors who put up money expecting that I will bring my best game to this work. I’ve been incredibly moved by the response I’ve had from sponsors so far. And that’s how I know how much it means to a writer when someone sends in a donation of any amount with their name attached. Every dollar matters to Clarion West; and every act of sponsorship makes a writer’s day. So please, please consider checking out this list of writers and picking one or more to support. Read the samples of their work. Read their goals. Read their passion and determination. And help them make it happen!

If you have questions about the Write-a-thon, check out the FAQ!

Enjoy your day.


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