Give a little bit

16 June 2012

Yes, it is a Coca Cola commercial. No, I don’t drink it anymore, although I used to have a small bottle of Coke (remember those little class bottles?) and about a half a pack of Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies for breakfast as a young “adult.” It’s a wonder I have any brain cells left at all, between that and…ah, well, stories for another day (smile).

Here’s the story today:


I am a sucker for goodness and kindness in the world. People are being particularly kind to me right now: thank you, thank you to all the wonderful folks who have signed up so far to sponsor me in the Write-a-thon. I’m honored and deeply touched by the support I’ve received so far, and we haven’t even started yet! First, we have to have a party.

I hope some of you will join me tonight at the Clarion West party for the Locus Awards, at the Best Western Executive Inn near Seattle Center. The fun starts at 8 PM and ends when the last science fiction writer or reader falls over sideways. And that, my friends, can take a while, trust me…. We’ll be celebrating the Locus Award recipients and the kickoff tomorrow of the 29th Annual Clarion West Writers workshop, and the Write-a-thon. Join us if you can!

And thank you all for giving me a little bit of your life, your time and your love to support me and so many other writers in the Write-a-thon. Thank you.

Enjoy your day.


2 Responses to “Give a little bit”

  1. Rissa Ciociola on June 16th, 2012 12:38 pm

    Roger Hodgson wrote the song “Give a Little Bit”, words that have led people all over the world together in peace and love. The song has helped the bond of humanity through the tougher times as well as helped to recognize & celebrate the love between all of us. Currently on his biggest tour in 30 years with a full band, the “Breakfast In America World Tour”! Other great songs include “Dreamer”, “In Jeopardy”, “Had A Dream” and many more.
    I have seen him many times in the past, and intend to see him again many more times.

    Come along, take my hand and come with me to the show! :)

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  2. Zack Mk. II on June 16th, 2012 2:05 pm

    The one with the train tracks looks rather familiar. Last November we were in Denver for work & one of our friends’ motorized wheelchairs conked out in the middle of the tracks. We’ve never learned how to switch a power chair to manual quite so quickly before. We got him off the tracks, and we did it in a skirt – woman power!

    Thanks for posting this today – we’ve been getting frustrated at our limitations and politicians acting like all people with disabilities (to say nothing of needy children and the elderly) are dead-weight system-suckers that America would be better off without. It’s not like we had a choice in the matter. Trying to work in the developmental disabilities system with direct care staff (who are paid just above minimum wage to keep people with DD alive) who do not share our dedication is also driving us nuts right now. We’ve been a little too immersed in a world of random acts of pettiness lately; thanks for reminding us that kindness is still out there.