Westercon schedule

29 June 2013

I’m looking forward enormously to Westercon next week. It’s an honor and a jazz to be a joint Writer Guest of Honor with Nicola, especially following the exuberant week we’ve had with our 25th anniversary and the lovely timing of the Supreme Court. I look forward to celebrating in the company of readers, writers, artists, editors, Clarion ’88 compadres, publishers, costumers, dancers, musicians, friends and friends-not-yet-met.

If you’re attending the con, I hope you’ll join me at one of my events. Here’s the schedule:

UPDATED TO ADD: I forgot to include my own reading! It’s on Friday morning.

Thursday 7/4
4:30 pm panel, Becoming a Professional Writer or Artist
Our panelists will discuss how to make the transition to life as a professional. Bring your questions and go home with answers.

5:45 pm Joint reading with Nicola
Hear how it’s supposed to sound as Nicola Griffith and Kelley Eskridge, Guests of Honor, will read selections.
We’re still deciding between a couple of different readings, but this will definitely be a “joint reading” experience as opposed to two people reading different things in the same space.

8:30 pm Opening Ceremonies/Meet the Guests/Fireworks
Join our Guests of Honor and other participants for an opening reception. Stay for the fireworks from Cal Expo.

Friday, 7/5
11:30 am reading

Guest of Honor Kelley Eskridge will read some of her favorite selections from her work.

5:30 pm panel, Gender Identity in Public Places
Recent legislation across the country has brought the issue of gender identity in public schools, locker rooms, and restrooms to the forefront. The American Psychiatric Association’s newly released DSM-V now emphasizes “gender incongruence” and has deleted other terms. As the nation debates how to determine gender, our panelists will discuss the issues surrounding gender identity.

6:45 pm panel, Marketing for Writers and Artists
There are many websites and self-help books claiming to help you market your works. Do they work? Do they hurt? If your work is being published by a “big house” do you need to do any of this yourself? Our panelists all have experience in navigating these rough waters and will explain what to expect.

Saturday, 7/6
12:30 pm panel, Publishing Options: Traditional vs On-Demand and Self-Publishing

The days of needing your own printing press are long gone. With modern publishing methods you can print one copy or 1 million. Our panelists will discuss the benefits and drawback of the various publishing options.

1:45 pm staged joint interview with Nicola, conducted by Fan Guest of Honor Warren Frey
Join our writer Guests of Honor, Nicola Griffith and Kelley Eskridge, to hear about how they met, how they write and all sorts of tidbits.
Staged means “on stage in front of live people,” not “rehearsed” (grin). Just so you know.

5:30 pm panel, Matrons and Crones
Protagonist or antagonist, matrons and crones are important, yet oft overlooked, characters in literature and media. Our panelists discuss the role and power of the older woman in both fiction and fandom.

Sunday, 7/7
10:00 am panel, The Clarion and Clarion West Experience

For over forty years the Clarion Writing Program has been nurturing new writers through workshops and mentorship opportunities. The Clarion West program is about to celebrate its 30th anniversary. Join these Clarion/Clarion West alumni as they discuss their experiences in the program.
Moderated by me, and Nicola is on the panel. We have both taught Clarion West, and both attended Clarion, and I have been on the board of Clarion West for several years. There will be other alums on the panel and we will tell all!

3:00 pm Closing Ceremonies
Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. Join our Guests of Honor once more as we bring Westercon 66 to a close and hand off to the Westercon 67 team.

And you’ll find a complete schedule of Nicola’s events here.

Do please join us!


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