Those special teaching moments

You must go right now and read the customer reviews for this product on amazon. Come back and thank me later, when you stop laughing (and thank you, Dan, for sending it to me).

There were times during the Borg GWB years that I felt maybe resistance really was futile. But oh, the power of humans to find a way to say the thing… sometimes in the most unexpected places.

Why are you still here? Go, go!

Enjoy your Saturday.

3 thoughts on “Those special teaching moments”

  1. Jesus Christ. This is really scary, or someone at Amazon has a very twisted sense of humor. Just to show you how twisted my sense of humor is, I thought the story of the family trip with the twins was hilarious. The underlying hostility to the idea of a Playmobil Security Station, and indeed, real security stations, is palpable. Key words like tyranny and fascism indeed! I haven’t laughed like this for a while.

  2. That is truly brilliant, such creative and imaginative reviews! The funniest part is that Amazon actually lists the most helpful favorable review and the most helpful critical review. Thank you for the link, that made my day.

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