Sounds like Paradise to me

19 December 2007

I love music, and this is my love letter to Radio Paradise. I feel like I just wandered into a party where all my favorite music showed up and brought its friends. I have been hanging out in the space between my headphones with album cuts from The Cure, David Bowie, Golden Earring (Radar Love!), Ani DiFranco, Pearl Jam, The Shins, Jeff Beck, John Martyn, Thievery Corporation, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Morcheeba, Cocteau Twins, Beth Orton….

Amazing programming by Bill Goldsmith. It’s nice to be in the hands of an expert. Go check out the playlist for yourself. Go have a listen.

When was the last time you heard something on commercial radio that you had to have right now? Stations like Radio Paradise and sites like Pandora, along with MySpace, are where most people find their new music these days. And then they go the band website to check it out, listen to the tracks, download a few for free from the site or for pennies from the million music services out there. They watch the videos and sign up on the fan club lists. They trade bootlegs of live shows on torrent sites. And they pretty much utterly ignore the music labels’ circus-pony marketing campaigns, the print ads in Rolling Stone and the MTV appearances and the pay-to-play arrangements with commercial radio. The labels are starting to figure out they aren’t in charge of music anymore…

And here’s Radio Paradise, a seriously cool 21st-century operation: a human touch on music and a high-tech delivery system that offers a wide variety of streaming options and handles programming through multiple server locations that can be controlled by a laptop from anywhere in the world. They’re building interactive community around music (and that’s so important, because art is not a one-way street). They don’t accept advertisers. The whole shebang is run by two people who clearly know music, really know music and love it. They do it all on listener support, and they certainly have mine — I’ve heard more amazing music in the last couple of weeks on RP than in the last five years of radio in my car.

I have found my party, and now I can go back anytime I want.

You’re invited too.

Edited to add: Traffic! And Michelle Shocked, Suzanne Vega’s Blood Makes Noise, and Pearl Jam’s live Black! And that’s just in the last 6 hours… I love this station.


2 Responses to “Sounds like Paradise to me”

  1. Jennifer on January 23rd, 2008 2:53 pm

    Ok, I’m hooked. Totally hooked after they just threw in that Gillian Welch song. I like the way they mix it up.

  2. Kelley on January 23rd, 2008 5:35 pm

    I know, I know. Is it cool, or what?

    I know all the rules, but the rules do not know me / Guaranteed. — Eddie Vedder, now playing on Radio Paradise.