Mark Tiedemann

We’ve known our friend Mark Tiedemann since Clarion 1988. He’s a writer, but that’s not what we’re talking about today. Mark is also a photographer. He took our wedding photos, and he took this in 1992:

n and k, 1992
Nicola and Kelley, 1992 by Mark Tiedemann
Mark shows his work, and shares it privately — but now I’m delighted to say that his virtual studio doors are open and you’re all invited. Please go take a look at his fabulous black & white and color work.

Mark’s been a part of some of our most treasured memories, and helped us preserve them too. Friendship and talent: two great gifts (*hugs friend Mark through the internet*). If you have a photographer friend, go hug them too. Because the best pictures tell stories that get right to the heart of things.

Enjoy your day. I hope there is beauty in it.

mark tiedemann morning forest
Morning Forest by Mark Tiedemann
mark tiedemann morning over wetlands
Morning Over Wetlands by Mark Tiedemann

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