Come together

29 October 2012

Like everyone else I know, I am insanely busy right now, but if you’re a registered US voter, I can still find a minute to tell you how to think about this election, just in case you are wavering about whether I should be allowed to get married or who should be your President for the next four years.

(If you live anywhere else in the world, you already know how we should all vote, and you are doubtless aghast at the polls right now.)

But wait, I don’t need to tell you how to think, because I have Nicola, Lena and Joss to lean on. Thank goodness!

Please, do think. Please do vote, wherever you live, to help keep your neighbors and your state and your country the kind of place where there’s at least a chance of coming together to survive, rather than splitting farther and farther apart. Your vote matters.

Read Nicola Griffith’s post about Washington State Referendum 74.
If you remember your first time, listen to Lena Dunham!

Watch Joss Whedon talk about… well, why spoil it?



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