Aud for president

Nicola’s novel Always is out in trade paperback. Many congratulations to my sweetie, of whom I am overwhelmingly proud, as always.

Seriously, folks — let’s reflect. Nicola Griffith has:

  • Published five novels and a short story “conversation piece” (Ammonite, Slow River, The Blue Place, Stay, Always and With Her Body), all of which are still in print
  • Written the coolest memoir on the planet (currently nominated for a Lambda Literary Award)
  • Edited three ground-breaking anthologies (Bending the Landscape), one of which won the World Fantasy Award
  • As a writer and editor, won a dozen national and international awards, including the Nebula, Tiptree, World Fantasy, Spectrum, Endeavour and Lambda Literary Award (five times…).
  • And is currently working on a book that kicks all this to the curb. I have read the first 40,000 words, and it is fucking amazing.

And now, Aud Torvingen (“one of my favorite kick-ass, super-competent, coolheaded, hotblooded, semilegal girls”1) is running for president! (And it’s not even that much of a stretch to imagine electing a fictional character right now, since it feels like we already have one in the job…)


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