What makes me come up for air…

…from the seven million things I am doing, because I simply must share it with you?


Enjoy your day.

6 thoughts on “What makes me come up for air…”

  1. For me it is/was always Sean Connery but I’m older than you and imprints on a young mind often are more indelible than those later in life.

    Did you say anything about my friend Gore Vidal’s death?

    With felicitations,

  2. Michael, no, I don’t have anything to say about Gore Vidal.

    I have a warm spot for Connery as Bond, but Craig has indeed supplanted him.

  3. I always thought Connery was Bond, all through all the manifestations. (Fleming modeled the character on David Niven, which I could never see except as satire.) But in terms of what is described in the books, Craig is Fleming’s Bond, and this trailer looks like they’re going to try to continue what they began with Casino Royale in terms of character. Now if they could have done Connery’s looks combined with Craig’s realization, that would be perfect.

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