OtherLife official trailer!

The official trailer for OtherLife is here!

There’s something about having the trailer that makes the film feel that last bit of really-for-realz to me. I’m so pleased and proud.

Isn’t it cool?

There is a story to tell around this: there have been bogus OtherLife trailers bobbing about on YouTube for months, garnering hundreds of thousands of views. For the most part, these so-called trailers were badly edited, narratively random, and intended only to pull hits and lure people to torrented versions of various pirated films. Seriously, I have never seen a worse “movie trailer” in my life than the mess I saw back in the fall carrying the title “official OtherLife Netflix trailer.” The majority of comments left by well-intentioned viewers who thought they were seeing a real trailer were some version of This is stoopid, I would never watch this film! It made me fucking nuts.

Well, here is the official trailer at last and it is not stoopid. It is smart and beautiful, and I’m delighted to have it.

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