OtherLife: Berlin & San Diego!

New continents for OtherLife!

European premiere
OtherLife screens for the first time in Europe at the Down Under Berlin Film Festival, Sept 15. Down Under Berlin gives Europeans the chance to see the newest and best films from Australia and New Zealand. OtherLife producer (and one of the first champions of the film) Marco Mehlitz hopes to attend. Say hello from me!

AND… we are coming to America!

North American premier at the San Diego International Film Festival, Oct 5 and Oct 8. SDIFF is one of the best independent film festivals in the US, with over 2,000 submissions a year. And it is my first chance to see OtherLife on a big screen with an audience. Will I be there? FUCK, YES. I AM SO EXCITED. I haven’t stopped dancing around the house since I heard the news.

Nicola and I will attend the screening on Thursday Oct 5 at 8:00 PM, and I’ll do a Q&A afterward. Please join us! It will be fun! And please help me spread the word. It would be wonderful to have a full house, see old friends, make new ones, and to hear from all of you what you think of our film. You can order tickets here.

And to everyone: if you have a dream, do something for it today. Any small thing. We don’t always know if any particular journey will be short or long, but either way every step counts.

Enjoy your day.

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