The next step

18 November 2010

You know I love music. It fuels my writing, my nights in the pub, my fireside conversations with friends. It makes moments in movies, and in life, more ecstatic or more bittersweet. The best music punches straight in, blows a goodbye kiss to my thinking brain and blasts into the bright hot murky cold stir-it-up places within me. Not all music is the ecstatic kind, but I’ve always been ecstatic on some level about it. I hear a song I like, I get excited, you know? It pleases me to hear myself sung back to me.

And this pleases me too: this Seattle Times profile of Seattle band The Head and the Heart, and their in-studio session at KEXP. Threshold experiences fascinate me: people standing in a doorway, or on a cliff, ready to step… Those moments of And so it begins.

Enjoy your day.


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