Public Enemies

I am out for much of the day on family business, which gives Nicola plenty of time to roll her eyes and mutter. or laugh out loud, or whatever she would like (*kiss to sweetie through the internet*) over the fact that, yes, it’s that time of year. Another Johnny Depp movie is coming to town.

I used to worry that it was sad and pathetic to be a middle-aged person with a celebrity crush, but what the fuck. It’s lovely to have an art-crush and a mad-sex-crush all rolled up into one: that doesn’t come around very often, and I’m just going to enjoy it. The day I’m too old to get all het up (ooh, an orientation pun!) over Johnny Depp will be a Very Sad Day indeed.

And so I am really looking forward to Public Enemies. I enjoy Michael Mann’s work, I like Christian Bale, there will be car chases and shootouts and swanky clothes, and that particular Anglo-American mythic bad-boy hero-criminal vibe. And popcorn! I can’t wait.


9 thoughts on “Public Enemies”

  1. Kelley,
    Thanks for the “het up” pun. I have tried and tried to explain to people my fascination with Johnny Depp for a long time, and even my partner does not get it. You just explained it to the world.

  2. I refuse to give up my movie-celeb crushes on Angela Bassett, Emily Watson, and Brendan Fraser.

    Have fun.


  3. I sometimes get this special grin, E looks and me and says, “You’re reading that Nicola again, aren’t you.”

    🙂 I’m glad both of you found something about the movie satisfying.

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