Nicola’s reading on video

In May, Nicola appeared at Hugo House in Seattle, reading two excerpts from her memoir And Now We Are Going to Have a Party (which, in case I haven’t said it loud or often enough, just won the Lambda Literary Award).

Thanks to the generosity of Nicola’s publisher Payseur and Schmidt, and the excellent skills of the filmmaker David (whose last name I hope to learn someday so I can credit him properly) Wulzen, both readings are on video. Watch below, or follow this link to Payseur and Schmidt.

See for yourself why an evening with Nicola is one of the best ways on the planet to spend some time. Enjoy!

Part One: No Pants Griffith

Part Two: Father Lucy

7 thoughts on “Nicola’s reading on video”

  1. I had watched the videos on Nicola’s blog, but having them on your’s too can give something special to those who may be more familiar with your work. I enjoyed the videos very much.

    Wondered about your readings. I thought that you were reading that night too. Did you get recorded?

  2. Nicola and I did read together in LA, but these videos are from her performance in May at Hugo House in Seattle.

    Someday I’d love to have video this good of a reading of mine — I really think David Wulzen did a great job with it. And of course it helps that Nicola is beautiful and talented (grin).

  3. Re: Videos

    Yes I see I did get confused between Hugo in Seattle and the readings on May 30. What about videos of you? Also, you and Nicola have mentioned your movie. Is this Solitaire and is it coming out soon?

    Thanks for responding to these messages. Its fun to see what others think and to read your thoughts.

  4. There aren’t currently any videos of me reading, although I hope there will be. I need to get on the stick and record (audio) some readings — I love to read, and I think I’m pretty good at it, and would love to share that with all the people who can’t come to a bookstore in LA or Seattle…

    The movie is loosely based on Solitaire, and it’s not yet green-lit by a studio, so we are a long way from release dates and such. But I am hopeful, and I’m very happy working on it. Really great producers and an amazing director (whose name I can’t announce yet because all the paperwork is still in progress, but she is awesome), a story that I like a lot (even though it bears practically no relationship to the book), and it’s all just so damn exciting. It has made me fall in love with writing in a whole new way.

    And when there’s more news, I will certainly post about it on the blog. Hell, I’ll probably hire a skywriter or something (grin).

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