Nicola won the Lammy!

Last night, Nicola won the Lambda Literary Foundation Award for women’s memoir. It was a lovely event at the Silver Screen Theatre in the Pacific Design Center in LA, attended by many of the best queer writers in the world.

Nicola was awesome. She gave a heartfelt, moving speech that clearly touched the audience. And it was absolutely terrific to see so many people approach her with such genuine admiration and good wishes. A grand evening.

Or, as I love to say, my sweetie rocks!

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees. Thank you to the organizers who worked so hard to put the event together. And thanks especially to all the people with whom we had great conversations and from whom we felt such goodwill.

7 thoughts on “Nicola won the Lammy!”

  1. Rock on! That’s how I would have bet if I found someone to take my action. With Nicola’s track record of winning Lammies I’d have gotten lousy odds though.

  2. Of course she won the Lammie. Hers is an intrigueing, wonderful work of art; was there really anything at all to compare?
    But give her a huge hug anyway. She deserves it.

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