Luminous landscapes

I’ve written before about how much I love the art of April Gornik, and it’s great to see that the New York Times agrees with me that she’s fabulous. Go read the lovely review of her current show, The Luminous Landscapes of April Gornik, and see her work at her website (including several new paintings from 2008).

If you find yourself on Long Island between now and July 5, do yourself a favor and go see the show. I wish I could.

Story on canvas. Feelings in paint. The moment of drawn breath, of perfect light. Places that I want to find myself in. Places to wander and wonder; where I may remember that at my best, I am so much bigger inside than outside. That’s what I find in April Gornik’s work.

<em>Red Desert by April Gornik</em>
Red Desert by April Gornik

4 thoughts on “Luminous landscapes”

  1. I wish I could go too. I’m really wanting to see that new piece they mention, “Twilight Dawn.” I’m imagining it’s about the skies in the NM area — there is nothing like that sky at dawn out there, and I bet her piece captures/embodies it like no one else.

  2. I was completely unaware of this exhibit. Thanks for the post, I live on Long Island and will certainly go see her work.

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