Can’t wait for this one — Paul Bettany is an archangel with a great big gun, and he’s here to save humankind. (Side note to screenwriters and directors — could we please get our heads around the idea that mankind is a lame word to use in this brave new world where not all of us are men? Awesome. Thanks.)

This trailer is Not Safe For Work, and by the looks of it, neither is Paul Bettany. I enjoy his work, and I’m looking forward to Legion.


4 thoughts on “Legion”

  1. (Side note to Kelley. Humankind is about as lame as mankind. How about we all agree on ‘humanity’. Oh, and boy is that a good trailer. Bettany rocks, loved him since ‘A Beautiful Mind’)

    1. You are absolutely right about humanity. And I call myself a writer (grin). Thanks.

      Bettany will also be starring in Priest with Stephen Moyer (True Blood), Karl Urban, Maggie Q and others (releasing in 2010).

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