Because we should all be able to marry as we choose

Earlier this month, the California Supreme Court ruled that the “fundamental right to marry” extends to same-sex couples.

Nicola and I would marry in a hot second if it were a federally-recognized legal relationship, and this ruling in California is an important step towards that higher goal.

The Office of the Governor of California has set up a hotline for a public opinion vote on this decision. Please call in and support the ruling.

ANYONE can vote in the poll. You don’t have to live in California. You don’t have to speak to a human being — it’s a fully automated system. All you have to do is:

1. call 916-445-2841
2. press options 1 (english); 5 (to vote on a hot topic); 1 (LGBT issue); 1 (vote yes).

If you are lesbian or gay or bisexual; if you have family or friends who are; if you want to be an ally; if you think that we all have the right to marry the person of our choice — then please call in with your vote.

Thank you very much for any support you choose to give. I appreciate it.

5 thoughts on “Because we should all be able to marry as we choose”

  1. Hello Kelley
    Now that same-sex unions are recognised in the UK, would you and Nicola hop over there to get married? This would/could (eventually) push the envelope for your state to recognise external same-sex marriages, such as NY is doing.

  2. Hi Evecho,

    Nope, we wouldn’t, unless we intended to live in the UK.

    I support everyone’s right to get married in the UK, or California, or anywhere else they can. But I won’t do it until it’s legal in the United States of America. All of them.

    For me, marriage is not a partial right. It’s not something that holds some places and not others. It’s on or off. I don’t need the federal government’s (or anyone else’s) permission to make a permanent lifetime commitment to Nicola. And I am not going to put that commitment out there like a hand for them to slap — to give and take away at the whim of the electorate or the courts. When the federal government defines marriage in a way that’s inclusive of me, I’ll get married. Until then, I’ll just be married.

  3. Hello and thank you for your reply. Marriage (or not) is obviously heavily imbued with layers of expectations. I think of it as one option in many and should be available to those who want it. It would, and should, be a personal choice.


  4. Definitely. And lots of people will be taking advantage of the option that’s available to them now in California. I’m absolutely thrilled for them and would never in a million years try to warn anyone off, or talk them out of recognizing their commitment in whatever way they felt was right for them. I just have a different perspective about it.

  5. Newly opened legal and social territory and all that. I wish them well, those who decide to enter the institution of marriage. It’s not one I care for myself but I can see the attraction.


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