Avoidance behavior

Avoidance behavior is a technical term in the writing business. It refers to the fascinating allure that everyday tasks acquire when there is writing to be done. It’s truly amazing, when there’s a tricky bit of scene that one hasn’t yet imagined well enough, or a grueling stretch of structural rearranging to do, how suddenly important it can seem to clean out the kitchen drawer where you keep all those random thingies right now because the world might explode or something. Or, gosh, you should run to the store right now and pick up two persimmons and a spare mop head because you never know…

Or you could just stay home and play with this.

You don’t have to be a U2 fan. You don’t even have to like their music. Just wait for the page to load. Then use the cursor to move the little square somewhere on the picture. Then click. Then do it again… and again… and again.

You’ll thank me for this. Someday.

5 thoughts on “Avoidance behavior”

  1. That’s evil! Just when I had all the paperclips arranged in orderly ranks, the rubber bands straightened, my comics moved to a new shelf, a new book ordered from Amazon, found all my pens, ripped up all the leftover envelopes and put them in the recycle bin, rearranged the Civil War book shelf so that it is in biographical sequence instead of chronological sequence, checked my Facebook for updates, walked the dog, sorted the laundry, had a V-8, and decided what to make for dinner, YOU put this thing up for us to fiddle with JUST when I was FINALLY going to get some WRITING done! Damn, Kelley!

  2. Holy Crap! Bat Woman. How did they do that and what the hell am i to do with it? I have to have time to think you know. Meanwhile, I can tell you that the concert was mad, though a few folks almost were crushed when they first opened the gates. And the Claw, well, talk about imagination playing. The damn thing loomed and then disappeared and then loomed again. A space ship, and then a castle in air, and then it wasn’t there. And as loud as we were, a person could still hear what was sung and said.

    I hope you at least can catch the live streamed video.

  3. Wow – that’s pretty intense. Not my thing, though, even though I love a lot of U2’s music. We’re more the must-sort-the-two-shoeboxes-full-of-stained-glass-scrap-pieces-by-color-because-we-may-learn-how-to-make-mosaic-tiles-some-day kind of person. Those little Gladware serving savers really come in handy . . .

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