If the song fits

31 December 2008 | 3 Comments

It’s 4:45 AM and this is what I’m listening to. Make of it what you will.

Click here if you can’t see the player


7:17. Here’s where I am now:


It’s not really as dire as it all sounds. Just a little creative rage. I’ll keep updating, we’ll see where it goes.





8:53. I’ve always liked this album, especially the songs that never made it to the radio. And today is definitely not a day for wasting time…

But now it’s time for breakfast, during which I will not get all Billy Idolesque on my sweetie, who is being the most patient woman on earth with me the last few days.



11:08. Current process = get stuck; play something loud; write; repeat.



4:40. Back to work after a long break to eat lunch with my sweetie, shop, cook bolognese sauce, and chill the champagne.

Today has been, of course, all about my relationship with my writing. Thanks for listening. Whatever you’re doing tonight, whatever you’re connecting with, I hope it is happy.


Lightening up (hah)

29 December 2008 | 3 Comments

Light and sporadic posting here this coming week, which I hope doesn’t mean you’ll all take your marbles and go home, never to return…

It’s not so much a lightening up on posting as it is a hunkering down to something that I actually think is impossible, but it’s got to be done, so impossible can’t be allowed to matter. I am eyebrow-deep in another screenplay revision, a major one, a majorly scary one — and it’s due on Saturday. Oh ha, ha ha…

I’ll pop in every so often to wave hello, but mostly I’ll just be over here all wild-eyed and strung out at the keyboard. Wish me a miracle, I need it!

Click here if you can’t see the player.

Yes, that’s what they said…

28 December 2008 | 3 Comments

I came across the AdVerbatims blog recently and found it almost unbearably funny. If you have ever worked in any creative capacity anywhere — writer, copywriter, graphic designer, artist, marketer, screenwriter — well, my friend, this Bud’s for you.

I wish this blog was still going strong — I’m sure there’s more than enough material in the world for it. I could give them some of my notes from Hollywood execs, for starters…

Enjoy this last Sunday of 2008.

Friday pint

27 December 2008 | 2 Comments

Every Friday I transfer posts here from the Virtual Pint archives.

Apparently Saturday is the new Friday, at least in holiday weeks. I have become quite calendar-challenged lately, which is only amusing if you’re not the person I’m supposed to be doing something for today. Sigh. What I really need is a beer, but until more work is done I will have to settle for three super-sized virtual pints.

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Images of 2008 (part 3)

26 December 2008 | 4 Comments

Here’s the last of Boston.com’s 3-part series.

I’m particularly in love with this one:

The Tower of David in Jerusalem
The Tower of David in Jerusalem

It’s the Tower of David in Jerusalem with images of books on shelves projected on the exterior walls — if you look in the top left of the photo, you’ll see part of the actual tower. How cool is this? A building made of books.

I used to think I would live a life made of books. That’s not so true these days — at least it’s not working out that way right this moment — but this photo has given me a whole new way to think about it. A life made of books. A building made of books. A city…

Images of 2008 (part 2)

25 December 2008 | 5 Comments

Here’s part 2 of the Boston.com 2008 in photographs online exhibit.

And since today is my holiday (well, there’s not much Christ in our Christmas, but Mas just sounds religious too, so there you go), it’s my turn to wish you all well for whatever your holiday(s) may be in this season of endings and beginnings. My day will be full of cooking and serving and making a special day for Nicola and our neighbors (*blows a kiss through the internet to mother who is snowed in and can’t get here… we’ll do it another time, Mum). Whatever you’re doing, whether today is special or ordinary to you, I wish that it will be a happy day for us all.

Images of 2008 (part 1)

24 December 2008 | 1 Comment

Yesterday Nicola posted about the beautiful photography of Jennifer Durham, and I wrote about the power of music. The power of the visual is different for me, but equally important, equally compelling. Images can be powerful stories, can touch a place in me that’s inarticulate: Jennifer’s work does that. And so do these entirely different images: The Year 2008 in Photographs from Boston.com. It’s a three-part series: you can follow the links to parts 2 and 3 yourself if you’re the impatient type (grin), but I’ll be posting those links over the next couple days.

Playing for Change

23 December 2008 | 4 Comments

The power of music. So often, I turn to music to express things I can’t talk about any other way. Or to celebrate, or get busy, or because all I want to do is paint my room black and so I let the music drip down the walls while I cry.

And sometimes music is more than just about me. Sometimes it’s about all of us, together. That’s another power of music.

The Playing for Change Foundation wants to bring peace to the world through music. That’s not a bad idea: people who would never consider sitting down together will stand up together and dance to the same song. PFC is building community around music and committed to providing resources for musicians, music students and music schools around the world.

And they made this great video. I love the song, and I love what they’ve done with it. And right now it speaks to me particularly keenly, the way music often does: right now it seems good to remember that we all need someone to stand by us sometimes, and that when we stand by someone else we are doing good in the world.



More on marriage

22 December 2008 | 8 Comments

A thoughtful post by HuffPo’s Bob Ostertag on the Whole Big Frakkin’ Rick Warren Brouhaha and the general topic of gay marriage.

I’m seeing this perspective expressed more and more these days. I think Ostertag has some good points to make. And like most perspectives (including mine), it doesn’t reflect the whole picture — I can certainly empathize deeply with the commenters whose personal lives have been trashed by Prop 8 and all the intolerance that nurtured it. Maybe there are just too many differing individual experiences and “goals” to draw them together into one neat package and say Here’s the last word on gay marriage.

We’re fond of single perspectives in this culture. We like it simple. We like rules and solutions. But most things involving identity and feelings just aren’t that simple. I wish that the culture could learn to make room for the variety of human experience.

And yet — is injustice wrong? Absolutely. Is intolerance stupid? Definitely. Is this the world we live in? It sure is. So what do we do about it?

No easy answers here, just more to consider.

Periodic Table of Awesoments

20 December 2008 | 3 Comments

When I was in high school, I memorized the periodic table of elements (here goes, without looking it up: hydrogen, helium, lithium, beryllium, boron, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, fluorine, neon. Don’t ask me why. I also have a place in my brain where practically every lyric from the 80′s lives. So many mysteries…)

Why has it taken me so long to learn that the universe is actually made from awesoments? And it is, you know. Your particular mileage may vary, but there’s no denying that the universe is a magnificent, wacky, ecstatic, terrifying and ultimately heart-stopping place to live. The more it’s made of awesoments, the better for all of us.

Don’t miss the comments, they are easily half the fun.


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